Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Automatic Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with additional features, such as battery operation, outdoor operation kit, IoT cloud monitoring and more for additional fees.

These sanitizer dispensers are created in Europe in a thoughtful, detailed process using the best materials and technologies and paying the utmost attention to the needs of your employees, clients, and visitors to create long-lasting products with adjustable dosage that are easy to maintain and care for.

 880.00 excl. VAT

  • SEK: 8,976.00kr

Product specification:

More about our dispensers

When choosing our hand sanitizer dispensers, you choose the best combination of research-based safety, highest grade quality and most personalized approach!

automated spraying

Contactless safety

A high-sensitivity proximity sensor allows safe hand sanitizing and no transfer of bacteria between users, and you can even adjust the dosage to your needs.

Waterproof materials

For indoor or outside use

We create the dispensers for both indoor and outdoor use by using technologies and materials that can withstand cold temperatures of up to -20 degrees C.

dispenser sink

No mess on the floor

Our brushed stainless steel dispenser sink ensures there is no excess runoff on the floor, collecting the waste liquid in a seperate tank.

Highest grade components

Premium quality

Carefully sourced materials like medical grade stainless steel and others ensure highest possible quality for longevity of the dispensers.


Kills 99% of bacteria

The UV light used in our dispensers together with the sanitizer liquid ensure that various types of bacteria are killed at the same time.

Clever lighting

Intuitive user experience

Our clever sanitizer status backlight shows if the liquid is ending soon or if the canister is empty. It changes color during operation to promote proper usage.

Lockable access

Easy to maintain

Lockable doors on our free-standing dispensers allow for quick and easy maintenance from the front or back, depending on the options.


Economy without refills

When the canister status backlight shows that it is empty, swap it for a new one and you’re good to go for up to 15’000 more doses on one 5l container!

Technical specification

Automatic Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This free-standing sleek automatic dispenser is a perfect fit for any interior or premises due to its modern and versatile design, built for intensive operation by using the highest industrial grade components.

  • Non-contact automatic hand sanitizer with a proximity
  • UV – light disinfection
  • No need to refill – just swap the canister
  • Operation backlight
  • Sanitizer fluid status backlight (soon empty / empty)
  • Adjustable dosage
  • Disinfectant type supported – liquid alcohol
  • High quality solid made metal
  • Brushed stainless steel dispenser sink
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Back door maintenance
  • Lockable
  • Free standing on a sturdy base plate
  • Battery operation
  • Outdoor operation kit
  • IoT cloud monitoring

Where our products are used:


Private health-care institutions

Dental care facilities

Veterinary clinics

Elder care specialists


Medical universities

Primary care institutions

Surgery centers

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