Gynaecology set no. 2, sterile ALPHAtex COMFORT (box of 6 sets)

Reference code (use this code for support): AT-S-GYN2-C

 131.85 excl. VAT

  • SEK: 1,344.87kr

Packaging size: box of 6 sets

1 pc. 160/240cm x 180cm drape integrated with limb covers, adhesive perineal fenestration 10cm x 15cm, integrated fluid collection pouch 35cm x 50cm with formable molder, filter and tubing port, reinforced
1 pc. 75cm x 90cm drape without adhesive edge
4 pcs 30cm x 30cm absorbent towel
1 pc. 10cm x 50cm OP tape
1 pc. 80cm x 140cm Mayo stand cover, reinforced – red
1 pc. 150cm x 190cm instrument table cover, reinforced