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Implementing Digital Mirrors, or any digital signage, is vital for your ROI. At Ellips Innovation we use our in-house developed 5-stage implementation strategy ‘Design Thinking’ to find the best solutions for you and your customers. The Implementation strategy ultimately discovers what communication challenges you are facing, and how we can help you solve them. 

The carefully developed  5 stage strategy is all about delivering the right content at the right time in the right place. Implementing Digital Mirrors correctly will have a better end result to your audience. 

How we implement Digital Mirrors - Design Thinking

  • Implementing Digital Mirrors

    The first stage in the implementation strategy is to work with you and gather information. We use your existing data on your facilities and we create a team with your key stakeholders to analyse together how we can improve your in-store exposure and user experience. It’s important here to also map out where there are current mirrors as well as any signage units.

  • Implementing Digital Mirrors

    We use the data that we have gathered from step 1 and apply this to your demographics. We will analyse your demographics together with your team, and apply this to a ‘customer journey mapping’ to better understand their engagement.

  • Implementing Digital Mirrors

    The insights gathered from the previous steps are presented to you, and together we want to answer ‘what are your challenges’, ‘how shall they be solved’, and ‘what are the pros and cons’. What we want to deliver is the capability for you to show the right content at the right time at the right place!

  • Implementing Digital Mirrors

    With the information and insight gathered from stage 1 – 3, we will have a clear picture of what your challenges are, and how we can solve them together. We will manufacture the Digital Mirrors according to your specific needs.

  • Implementing Digital Mirrors

    After your Digital mirrors have been installed in your facilities, we will work with the feedback of the stakeholder team; is there anything that needs to be changed? Can we see any improvement areas of the content and its delivery? Digital Mirrors are a fantastic tool, and we will ensure that you get the most of them!

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