Green program

Recycling your old mirror

Ellips Innovation offers an exclusive Green Program to recycle existing mirrors in your facilities when ordering new Digital Mirrors. The recycled mirrors are cut into the precise dimensions of your Digital Mirrors, polished and then installed on the sides of your Digital Mirrors frame.

When we ship your Digital Mirrors to you we also add an extra shipping box. When you receive your Digital Mirrors, place your old mirror in the extra shipping box and return it to Ellips Innovation – the climate compensated shipping is already paid for. Your old mirror will then be used for our next customer who wants to use the Green Program, continuing the recycle loop. The Green Program gives your Digital Mirrors a stylish minimalistic finish and is good for the environment!

Our packaging

All our shipping solutions are fully recycleable. The Digital Mirrors are sent in sturdy plywood crates to ensure a safe journey from us to you. Inside the crate, you will find the Digital Mirror covered by cellular polyethylene which is a 100% recyclable material. We source this from a factory who use 40% of the material which has been already recycled into our packaging! Our shipping provider also let’s you choose if you want to climate compensate the full journey, ask us more when ordering your Digital Mirrors!

Have a question about ours Green program?

Our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you have!