The Digital Mirror

More thAn DIGITAL siGnage

Digital signage through Digital Mirrors is a direct way to communicate to your customer. Regular digital signage is a great tool to promote your brand awareness but the Digital Mirror adds a little more. Humans have a natural incentive to look into a mirror on a regular basis. Using this to your advantage will hold your customers attention for longer meaning more exposure time for your brand. We offer a variety of Digital Mirror installations ranging from walls, dressing rooms and columns. Using Digital signage through Digital Mirrors is also for a variety of businesses such as retail stores and hairdressers.

Speak to Ellips Innovation today for a free consultation in regard to what can work best for your company. We can advise the best solution for any business type and size. 

Customized for your need

The Digital Mirrors are crafted in our facilities to match your graphical guidelines perfectly to your visual merchandizer’s requests. The thoroughly designed frame is manufactured with a custom-made extruded aluminum alloy to make it light-weight, durable and environmentally friendly (up to 95% recycled material). Choose any color for your Digital Mirror frame together with your choice of surface finish type. Choose the size to the exact dimension of height and width for your Digital Mirror to make it fit perfectly for your application and use-area. Contact us to see how we can help you with the next generation of digital signage with our Digital Mirrors!

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