32" Digital Mirror Annika

Our 32” Digital Mirror “Annika” Is the smallest in our collection and is suitable for any hard-to-reach areas in any layout. Annika is the solution if any stakeholders feel their premises is not big enough to incorporate digital signage. This is because this Digital Mirror possesses dimensions similar to a regular mirror. With this Digital Mirror, it is easy to replace an old mirror of the wall effortlessly. Due to its ease of implementation in smaller locations, this 32″ Digital Mirror will also create an up-close personal atmosphere for the brand to communicate with the customers.

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At Ellips Innovation, we are in partnership with LG for all our monitors.

LG are one of the world’s leading digital signage providers, they have won numerous innovation awards such as 4 DIGI awards from Digital Signage Magazine. All of our LG commercial displays meet ENERGY STAR® requirements, and are designed with green in mind.