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Ellips Innovation

Ellips Innovation is a tech start-up company located in Northern Europe with offices and manufacturing in both Stockholm and Riga. We are a business-to-business distributor and manufacturer of Digital Mirrors intended for digital signage. We supply a turnkey solution for digital signage where your customers are most likely to maintain their attention – in the mirror. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary for you to further engage your customers, moving one step further into the digital era.

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Regardless if you are working with interior design for retail or as a distributor of digital signage solutions, we know that you understand your clients better than we do. We also understand that you want to offer your clients the very best solutions and products, and we are eager to help you on that mission. We are always excited to find new partners in business – if you wish to add our Digital Mirrors to your current product portfolio, we would be happy to see how we can work together in the future.