49" Digital Mirror Camilla

Our 49″ Digital Mirror Camilla is the second largest we have in our collection. It is also the second mirror which can come in either  450 or 700 NITs of brightness. With the monitor size nd brightness capabilities, Camilla has lots of implementation and design potential. The best place for Camilla to live is in medium and large establishments. This is because it needs to to blend in with the current graphical guidelines and you do not want it over powering your existing signage. This Digital Mirror can also be ordered with either a 450 or 700 NITs monitor, making it a great addition to any location it lives in. It is recommended to use Camilla for the bigger projects as it is easily viewed from a distance. 

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At Ellips Innovation, we are in partnership with LG for all our monitors.

LG are one of the world’s leading digital signage providers, they have won numerous innovation awards such as 4 DIGI awards from Digital Signage Magazine. All of our LG commercial displays meet ENERGY STAR® requirements, and are designed with green in mind.