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We are a supplier that provides high grade certified medical devices to our partners in hospitals, GP clinics, and dental care facilities in the northern part of Europe.

Best pricing for medical equipment

Medical devices and PPE for and hospital dental care

We are a supplier that provides an ever-growing variety of supplies to medical facilities in the northern region of Europe, offering fantastic products to dental clinics, hospitals and private clinics with fast and reliable shipping.

If you register to access wholesale pricing, your dedicated account manager grants you a personalized level of reduced cost for products of your specific needs and field. Need anything you can’t see in our portfolio? Give us a call!

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Ellips Innovation is based on three pillars: we take pride in the quality of our products, the best price policy we offer to our partners, and a personal connection with your account manager.

All of our products have been accredited laboratories, such as SGS Finland, and we offer fast and efficient deliveries throughout Europe thanks to our warehousing locations in Latvia.

Our main goal is to help medical facilities access the highest grade equipment in the field with exceptionally friendly pricing and payment options to our partners in Europe.


How to access wholesale pricing

No matter, if you are a small clinic or an established chain – when you register to access wholesale pricing, your clinic will receive better offers & a dedicated account manager who will assist you with your specific needs. You will also be able to choose from a variety of flexible payment options like prepayments, invoice payments (to pay after receiving the goods), or even credit line. Registering is as simple as three steps:

Step #1


Complete a registration form with all the necessary information to create your wholesale buyer account with us.

Step #2

Wait for approval

Enjoy a cup of coffee while an account manager immediately reviews your information and informs you of registration approval.

Step #3

Enjoy better offers

We will approve your personalized pricing within 24 hours from receiving your registration form, and you will be able to buy immediately. 

Where our products are used:


Private health-care institutions

Dental care facilities

Veterinary clinics

Elder care specialists


Medical universities

Primary care institutions

Surgery centers

Why Ellips Innovation?

When you choose Ellips Innovation depot, you make the choice of working with a committed team whose goal is to offer a personal approach for the highest quality medical supplies with competitive pricing to companies big and small, and ensure quick and efficient delivery.

high grade quality

Premium products

All Ellips products are carefully selected from premium manufacturers and tested to ensure excellent quality.

fast delivery

Reliable shipping options

We offer reliable delivery with courier services, so your supplies would be with you soon after ordering. All orders are processed within one business day by your order.

competitive pricing


To make you competitive in your field, we aid you is providing a personalized pricing level, exclusively for our partners, and flexible payment options.

Low price for high grade products for registered partners only

Register to buy at wholesale prices!

Personalized approach towards payments

We guarantee flexible payment options

We are confident in always finding the best solution for you, and guarantee that you will always be able to choose from a variety of payment options to support your business model best.
We offer prepayment by card or bank transfer at the checkout.
For our registered customers, we offer a credit line with the option to pay within 30 days by invoice, paying only after you have received the ordered items.

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